Skull Bucket Aluminum Hard Hats

Skull Bucket Hard Hats are the only aluminum hard hats tested
by an independent safety lab to meet ANSI safety standards!

"Don't settle for an imitation when your life is as stake!

If it doesn't say "SKULL BUCKET"  it's surely a FAKE!!!"

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All powder-coated hats and cap style hats are in limited supply

The Skull Bucket Aluminum Hard Hat is very similar to the old aluminum hard hats that were produced several years ago but is greatly improved for safety. It complies with the ANSI Z89.1-2003 Standards. It's a Type 1, Class C helmet (not approved for work around electrical hazards)


Loggers have been using aluminum hard hats for decades and welcomed back the Skull Bucket aluminum hard hat

Axmen Loggers 

Oil Well Fire Fighters rely on our hats to protect them from the intense heat

Boots & Coots Oil Fire 

Photo courtesy of Boots & Coots

What is your life worth?     Beware of Imitators!

Isn't your life worth more than the few dollars you'll save by buying altered or counterfeit head protection? Skull Bucket Hard Hats are tested to meet ANSI safety standards by an independent US testing laboratory that is approve for ANSI testing and are the ONLY aluminum hard hats to be safety tested (although fakes often claim to hold this ANSI certification). Hats not properly safety tested that later fail to comply and result in injury or death to the wearer could result in stiff penalties and fines imposed by a jury in a court of law. There are imitators selling altered "Skull Bucket" hats under other brand names. The etched on "Skull Bucket" name may have been ground off the brim and another name or label applied. They may have dangerous safety issues and may subject the user to serious injury or death. Insist on "Skull Bucket" hard hats for your ultimate safety and reliability. Protect your well being and your life. Always buy from Cricorp or Number 1 Liquidators through eBay.

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Skull Bucket

Full Brim Colors Available


Light Yellow 

Light Yellow $48.95

FB Plain 

Plain Aluminum  $48.95

Cap Style Colors Available 


Pink  $48.95


Replacement Suspension Type B  $7.95

Fits all Skull Bucket Hard Hats
and most 4-point aluminim hard hats